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U.S. Geological Survey Initial Space Alterations Buildings 14 and 24

Project Description

         1) Renovation and alteration of the designated areas of Buildings TX0809Da and TX0821DA                   (1st Floor) and Ware Yard, 501 Felix Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76115. 

         2) Selective demolition work includes but is not limited to the removal of existing walls and                      floor finishes, plumbing fixtures, doors, frames, ceilings, sprinkler systems and lights.  

         3) New construction and renovation work includes and is not limited to interior doors and                         framing, toilet partitions, plumbing fixtures, door hardware, interior wall and floor finishes,                 patching of existing ceiling, spray foam insulation, and related mechanical, lighting, and                       electrical work. 

         4) Work also includes renovating adjacent finishes as needed for visual continuity.

Weil Construction holds a MATOC (Multiple Award Task Order Contract) with the General Services Administration (GSA).  This project is being executed under this MATOC contract.  The project scope of work includes the following: 

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