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Kirtland Air Force Base Building 660919 Lab Repairs

Project Description

Weil Construction has provided as needed construction services for the US Army Corps of Engineers at Kirtland Air Force Base since 2011.  The projects range from under $60,000 to over $1 million.  The scope of work for the renovation of Building 66019 Lab involved interior remodel and minor exterior site work in a historic building on Kirtland Air Force Base.  The interior work consisted of the following: removing existing flooring and wall base; removing existing ceiling grid and tile; removing existing HVAC equipment; and removing section of water damaged wall board. 


This work was carried out while protecting an optic table suspended shelf during construction.  Interior work also included installation of new flooring, rubber wall base, new ceiling grids and tile, adding termination and/or transition strips at all doorways.  New drywall, taped, textured and painted was installed.  New HVAC units were installed and connected.  The HVAC units were re-piped and new duct work was installed as required.  All abandoned equipment and duct work was removed.  Exterior work included removal of damaged sections of sidewalk.  New concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk were installed.

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